Rejection Survival Guide Featured on “The Artist Unleashed”

Just wanted to bring your attention to this article, which I wrote for an inspirational blog called “The Artist Unleashed,” about the extraordinary origin story of this blog. I think it’s a good summary of the journey I’ve been on so far and the principles on which this blog is based. Check it out:

In June of 2016, I committed a rather strange act of desperation.

I started a blog: The Rejection Survival GuideIt had been 15 years since I’d sent my first query letter to an agent. Since then, I’d had many ups and downs and starts and stops and even some “almosts”—but never a “yes.” My sixth novel showed the most promise, but a few months earlier, the full manuscript had been rejected for the fourth time. Along with the 100+ rejections I’d racked up from other agents, plus all the rejections for the short stories I’d been submitting to literary magazines, I started to wonder if my calling in life was to get rejected. ​Well, I reasoned, at least I’m pretty good at it.

No, seriously.

(read more here)

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